Pennsylvania educator chosen for superintendency

"I believe the future is actually quite bright," said Stapleford. "I think that there are many, may ways in which our school system has the opportunity to evolve, and through the use of technology, I think that will provide us with new modes of teaching learning to help us on our way."

Stapleford is a father of three and the author of the book, "Dispute: Conflict Resolution for School Leaders," which has been widely used in school districts in the Midwest and West Coast.

"When a conflict arises, there are folks within that situation that have needs they want met, and a way to resolve the situation is meeting those needs," explained Stapleford, who added he hopes his philosophy can be used in his new position to continue the work of what he calls "an excellent school district." "Conflict is an inevitable part of life and we have to deal with efficiently. And, it's the same with students or whoever it may be. You have to identify where you can begin and find a place where you can all agree."

"I only hope I can add to the very strong leadership of Mr. Scott and the work of a very proactive board of education," added Stapleford.

Stapleford holds a bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pa.; a master's degree from Brown University in Providence, R.I.; and a doctorate from Columbia University, New York City. His first day on the job will be Friday, July 1. Stapleford will work with Scott in the coming weeks to prepare for the transition of leadership.

"[Stapleford] is certainly very experienced but as with any new job, there's a period of time to become familiar with the policies and procedures. I will do my best to see he has access to everything he needs to start July 1 well-prepared," said Scott. "It'll be a privilege to engage with him in these weeks ahead."

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