Junior class setting sail for prom Saturday

CHAMPLAIN - The junior class at Northeastern Clinton Central School is trying something a little new for their prom this year - they're going on a boat.

And, not just any boat, the Spirit of Ethan Allen III.

"One of our students had an uncle who had a wedding aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen III, and suggested we hold the prom on the boat this year," said faculty advisor Karen Bouvier. "And, as advisor, it was my job to look into it."

What Bouvier found was the cost of renting the Spirit of Ethan Allen III, was comparable to renting their traditional venue, the Rainbow Wedding and Banquet Hall in Altona.

"It wasn't anything against them, it was just something that was suggested and the kids voted overwhelmingly for it," said Bouvier.

Bianca Grimshaw, a member of the junior class in favor of the sea-faring prom, said she's looking forward to this Saturday, May 7, when the prom will be held on the lake.

"I'm excited. I think it will be fun. It's something different that hasn't been done before," said Grimshaw, who added it could be the start of a tradition for the school.

Principal Stephen E. Gratto said he's not sure if that'll be the case, but he's also looking forward to the students having a fun time aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen III.

"I don't know if it'll be a tradition or not, but I certainly applaud the junior class for taking the initiative and pursuing an idea that hasn't been pursued," said Gratto.

The recent flooding in the region threw a potential monkey wrench into the works for the prom as students were going to be picked up by the boat at Wilcox Dock. However, dangerously high waters resulted in that not being an option, said Bouvier.

"The school is now going to bus the students to Burlington and bus them back," she said.

That will be an added benefit for students taking advantage of an after-prom party at the school, since they won't have to drive from Plattsburgh following the prom, added Bouvier.

"So, it was kind of a blessing in disguise," she said.

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