Mill Creek Musings

March is meant to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Did it ever occur to you that March might not know this old adage? Or stubborn March might just choose to break the rules.

Like the late night guest who ignores your yawns, like that man who came to dinner and never left, March decided to stay. We're sick and tired of him, but he either can't or won't take the hint.

Perhaps March is a bad boy, a bully who likes to throw his weight around. He's hung around the Peaceable Kingdom long enough to know that lambs are wimpy. Why bleat when you can roar. It would definitely be a loss of face if, after coming in like a lion, he had to leave with his tail between his legs.

I think that March is playing games with us. The jokes on you, March. We will turn our backs and cover our ears to your roars. You're no longer welcome.

April fools!

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