McEneany wants towns to end double-taxation

Speaking to WNBZ Wednesday afternoon, adult center Director Gina Norton said the board was trying to "pacify people."

"They keep talking about double-taxation all the time," she said. "If they're going to apply that standard to groups like the civic center, the chamber of commerce, and the adult center, then that standard should be applied fairly and consistently to all budgetary items across the board, not just to certain ones."

McEneany agreed with Norton, noting that the problem of double-taxation needs to be addressed wherever it exists.

McEneany says tackling double-taxation is also a matter of transparency for the residents living in both a town and the village. He wants towns to shift their funding for groups like the adult center to their "out of village" districts.

"If you're a village resident and the village board decided to give the adult center $5,000 - you know as a village resident that that's what you gave them, period," McEneany said.

McEneany has asked Village Manager John Sweeney to draft a letter to the towns of St. Armand, North Elba, and Harrietstown - if the towns agree to shift adult center funding to out-of-village districts, then he says the village will "reinstitute its annual $5,000 contribution and save the village taxpayers from double-taxation."

"That way, we're all paying our fair share for a worthy organization," McEneany said.

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