Trout season? What trout season?

April 1 trout season opener? More like a May 1 opener.

With the mercury barely breaking the freezing point as Iwrite this and more frigid weather in the forecast, it appears the opening of this year's trout season is more symbolic than anything else.

What a difference a year makes.

Last year at this time we were hitting the links and trolling open water on back ponds. This year I'd need snowshoes to get to the Radisson behind my garage.

In the meantime, I made the mistake of uncovering my big boat last weekend. I bought a newer 24-footer to chase lakers and salmon with but have yet to outfit it with the equipment I salvaged from my old boat - the Laker Taker II.

So, I decided to get a jump on that tedious task and accomplished a great deal last Sunday before crashing in my recliner next to the woodstove with a can of Genessee river water.

But before I could enjoy the first sip, smiling Tom the ever-effervescent weatherman came on the tube and happily predicted half a foot of snow on the horizon.

I peaked out the window at the sun setting behind my fully exposed boat, and slowly pulled my soggy boots back on.

Trudging back out into the cold to cover the boat for the second time this winter, all I could think about was knocking out one of Tom's pearly whites. I know the poor guy can't control the weather - but does he have to be so dang perky about it?

Update on ol' split ear

Infamous Ticonderoga outdoorsman and marathoner Richard Johndrown - better known in hunting circles as SilverrrrrrrrrrrBulletttttttttttttt - dropped me a line recently to let me know he had the pleasure of scoring Robert Lavergne's 20-point buck shot last season.

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