Town, county balk at peak name change

ELIZABETHTOWN-A proposal by a Vermont man to change the name of an Elizabethtown mountain has drawn the ire of local officials.

"I think that the whole thing is backwards," Elizabethtown supervisor Noel Merrihew said about a proposal submitted to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to change the name of Bald Peak in the Giant Mountain Wilderness area to Twisted Cedar Peak because there is a Bald Peak in Vermont as well.

"I think that the agency should be the one that comes to us with a recommendation, instead of acting on someone else's," Merrihew said. "In this process, you could have someone writing in every week asking for a name change."

Both the Elizabethtown town board and Essex County Board of Supervisors have sent resolutions into the USGSstrongly against the name change, but Merrihew said that the most convincing argument against the change came from the Adirondack Mountain Club.

"They gave a representation of the cost burden that would be involved with a name change," Merrihew said. "We would have to change roughly 30,000 pieces of literature when it comes to mapping publications and other publications."

Merrihew said that the USGS will most likely rule on the matter in the next week.

"They meet on a regular basis and April 4 is the next day that they meet," he said. "It should be taken care of then."

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