The dinner party

I could scrawl about America's newest war, rising gas prices, Japanese suffering, sugaring, but I know you haven't been reading enough about sugaring already, mud, spring, and blah, blah. All stuff you'd expect, right? Instead, I'm going to write about something that is much less topical. How excited I am to be going to a dinner party tonight!

Why am I excited about the dinner party? Because I rarely get asked to attend them.

When I was a youngster, my parents had people over a lot. Let's say, a couple times a month. Is that a lot? I don't know. It would be a lot for me. The number of parties I've had this year to date, and adding what I'll have through the end of the year, comes to eight. That's less than one per month.

Of the eight or so parties I'll throw, the approximate total of folks attending will be somewhere at 50. If we're getting close to being a third of the way through the year, my invite total at the end of 2011 will stand at three. That leaves 47 folks who attended one of my parties who aren't hitting me back with a return invite.

Eight parties might not be much entertaining, but gauging myself against my close friends, I'm a regular Martha, rather, Marty Stewart.

It's hard to know if there are lots of dinner parties going on and I'm just not being invited, or if it's just that there aren't many dinner parties being held.

It's said that if you want to get a letter, you have to send a letter. I agree. But jeez, the percentage of return invites, to invites, is paltry in my case. That's why I'm excited about tonight.

I'm also excited 'cause the husband of the couple's house I'm invited to is reportedly a great cook. And when I'm lucky enough to be invited to a dinner, I take it very seriously. I had a tiny lunch, I didn't have breakfast, and will walk with extra vigor later to make sure I'm extra hungry.

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