Surprised to see The Burgh back in the mail?

Dear Reader,

Surprised to see The Burgh back in the mail?

For now, this is a one week special mailing to all Plattsburgh area homes to help us launch our conversion to a Periodical Class Publication through the USPS.

In order to reclassify our mailing privileges to Periodical Class we must have "Signed Requests" from area residents who choose to have us mail the paper to their home each week. Once we have gathered a significant quantity, those "Requests" then need to be validated by the U.S. Postal Service.

Those of you who request the paper will receive it in your mail box each week, those who do not respond will need to pick up the paper at one of our convenient locations throughout the city and town.

A "request" will be valid for three years. The "request" can be withdrawn at any time should you no longer want the paper delivered via US Mail. We will never charge for this service and we will NOT sell, rent or make your name available for any other purpose other than to receive the paper weekly. Postal regulations will not permit us to offer any type of premium or inducement to entice you to "request" the paper. The "request" must stand alone on its own merits.

We hope you'll take advantage of this FREE offer and become a weekly subscriber to The Burgh and return the coupon to our office (found on page 32).

Thank you for reading The Burgh and thank you for considering this request.


Dan Alexander

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