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Spring started March 20, but who would know it? There are signs if you pay attention.

We started putting taps in the trees last week. The smell of spring is in the air. This is the start of my favorite season. Not mud season, silly, SPRING. The smell is in the air! Every day there are subtle changes. The birds are singing summer songs. The snow is melting fast. The sun is warmer on your face. There is a feeling in the air.

I saw the first sign! In front of our house I have two snow banks that are at least six feet high but between them in front of our picture window, I have a micro-climate. Our house waste water goes out near here and the window reflects the heat, so the ground in this four foot space heats up fast in the spring. On Friday, the temperature hit 50* degrees and we lost a lot of snow, it revealed about 30 sprouts from some spring bulbs that I planted last year. I had to call Jane Castaneda and tell her because I knew she would know how I felt. She is a crazy garden person too. She said that she was jealous so she had to come over. That woman just makes me smile. Her gardens are always wildly beautiful.

Chuck Rawson was eating at Andie's with his mother, Norma. I told him that I would be seeing him before long over at the Ski Bowl garden. The Water shed is right there in our garden so we see each other often. He helps me out with hooking up the water and such. He said that the garden is getting some flooding so I had to take a look. The garden even looks good under snow. We hope that the snow goes slowly so that we will not have the damage that we had last year. It will be good to be back to playing in the dirt and see those lonely bird houses full of life again.

Spring is the season of hope. Here is hoping that you have a good one!

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