Quick rants

So I really don't have enough brainpower this week to think up a one-topic column - too much hoops, but just the right amount of Jimmer.

In that case, here's what's been on my mind:

Technology sucks. As you will see elsewhere in this paper, we are running a correction this week because, thanks to technology, a error was made - twice.

Here's the thing, though. We know that technology sucks. It makes us turn off our brain and we become slaves to whatever comes up. That's not a computer problem, though, that's a me problem.

For it to happen in something in relation to my own community is even worse. My bad, I'm sorry.

Listen to the voice. I was at the first half of the hearings over the ACR project in Tupper Lake last week. I saw afterwards that one person out of the over 400 who were in attendance got up to speak out against the project in its current state, and I know of at least three others that were there representing different groups.

Again, out of over 400 in attendance. When one person asked how many people were there to support the project, the vast majority raised there hand - like over 95 percent.

So, if I were on the APA or Judge O'Connell, my thought would be to listen to the people. Heck, isn't that why you had this hearing in the first place?

And, if the crowd was overwhelming in the other direction, I would still say that I would have to listen to the voice of the people on the matter. This could also apply to my last rant, too.

We're all going to die!!! While technically, that statement is accurate, it's not happening due to nuclear fallout from Japan.

Sorry, major media, no one here will have a third eye or glow in the dark, and my guess is the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant will not fall victim to a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami double whammy any time in the near future.

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