Northern Tier business gives new life to roadkill (don't worry, it's not real)

ROUSES POINT - When you want to send someone near and dear to you something from the heart, it's easy to think of the usual gifts - flowers, chocolates, cute stuffed animals. But, when you want to send something to someone who's caused you frustration, the market for that kind of gift has been rather limited. Until now.

Arthur Penfield Tremblay has created a business that will provide a unique novelty item he feels will fill the niche that traditional greeting card companies and stuffed animal manufacturers have overlooked - satisfying frustration.

"I was thinking there are a lot of people who kind of need a way to vent that's nonviolent," Tremblay said. "So, I came up with the idea of sending somebody roadkill as kind of a fun way of expressing your displeasure."

Through his new business, Adirondack Road Pizza, Tremblay is creating synthetic flattened stuffed animals - skunks, woodchucks, possums and squirrels - that will be delivered via FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service in - what else? - pizza boxes.

"They are kind of cute," said Tremblay, noting the animals come designed with tire tracks across their backs and pink tongues hanging out. "It's really zany."

Adirondack Road Pizza is not only a new business, but a new venture for Tremblay in general, who is an established artist and designer of churches by trade.

"It's part enthralling and part frightening," Tremblay said, laughing. "It's a big challenge. It's entirely different from what I normally do. Becoming an entrepreneur and a manufacturer is quite a shift."

The business is an idea that has been gestating for about 18 years, said Tremblay, but only really taken shape in the last 18 months.

The process involved deciding how to develop and market the product, which Tremblay said will be sold mainly via the Internet.

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