North Country reps chime in on intervention in Libya

"I understand that they made have needed some of our resources, but I would have preferred for the countries that secure oil from Libya to real take up the forefront of this," he said. "And I'm not sure that is happening to the degree I would like to see."

Some opponents of the intervention in Libya are critical of Obama for using military force without congressional approval.

Owens says he doesn't see a constitutional issue at this point, noting that the French and the British - who have supported the U.S. in the Middle East - asked the U.S. for assistance.

"My only concern is, do we have a game plan here?" he said. "That is, how long are we going to be there and are we seeing who is going to support this, economically? Those are my two areas of concern. The president has clearly indicated that there will be no ground troops deployed, and I certainly would not support ground troops being deployed in that situation."

The U.S. joined several other countries over the weekend in launching air offenses on strategic targets in Libya. The purpose of the strikes, officials say, is to level the playing field between rebel forces and supporters of Moammar Gadhafi.

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