APA halts decision on rooftop cell tower

The state Adirondack Park Agency has postponed its decision on whether to permit a cellular array planned for the rooftop of the Crowne Plaza Resort in Lake Placid.

The project involves two applicants: the hotel and Verizon Wireless.

Verizon would construct the cellular array and the hotel will be responsible for shielding it from view by building a series of facades strategically placed along the roofline of the main building.

The Lake Placid-North Elba Joint Review Board ruled Wednesday to approve the changes with the understanding that the hotel might be required to make slight alterations to the design to further conceal the antennas. The hotel's original plan was to mask the antennas with a cupola, but the JRB rejected that model in favor of the current gabled design.

Verizon said the roofline changes would interfere with installment of the antennas and has asked the APA for a 9-month window to complete their installment before the hotel begins its fa ade work.

APA Chairman Curt Stiles questioned whether a delay in the fa ade work was necessary, pointing out that the hotel's large roof afforded ample space to access the installment location. APA commissioners agreed to postpone their decision pending further information from Verizon.

The new cellular antennas wouldn't expand the coverage area very much, but they would improve the reliability of cellular service in the Lake Placid area.

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