But back to the ice. At 11 a.m. on Sunday, March 13, friends and I inspected the river at the Depot for quite some time. It was chock full of jumbled white frazil and blue solid ice, this time for a mile or so up and down from the bridge. We were opining that it would probably be there until April as there was no sign of movement, though the water was at the historical high of 12.19 feet as measured on the gauge at the bridge. (Google "USGS real-time data" and click on the map to find the North Creek gauge and the amazing graph showing when the ice jam happened.)

But by 2 p.m. the ice was moving out! I missed the start but got to see the frazil and floes rushing by, some slabs of ice big enough to carry a polar bear or two, but mostly loose frazil. It was eerily silent because the ice was floating freely.

Today, Monday, I did the "frazil loop" from The Glen to Warrensburg and back up on the west side of the river. There were high banks of ice, in some places studded with slabs of blue ice from the stillwaters upriver, some of the huge ridges in unusual places. The front of the clog of "our" ice was a mile up from the Thurman bridge, with just sheet ice covering the river below the jumbled mass and on down the river and out of sight from the bridge.

I predict there will be an ice jam at the bridge when the rain and warm weather raises the water level again at the end of the week and loosens the ice. I also predict there will be lots of ice on the shores until mid-April, but my recent batting record isn't too good!

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