Court tosses Putnam man's conviction

The appeals court found the evidence against Mrs. St. Andrews was sufficient to support the charges.

"Several witnesses testified that many underage individuals were drinking alcohol on defendant's property when she came outside, she approached the area where they were congregating, and they made no efforts to hide their alcohol consumption," Justice William McCarthy wrote.

The court found there were not different levels of culpability between the two defendants, so they legally could be represented by one lawyer.

Winn said he plans to ask the Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, to hear Mrs. St. Andrews' case, arguing the couple should have had separate lawyers and that the evidence was also not sufficient to convict her.

Both served nearly seven days in jail in April 2009 before their sentences were stayed. Mrs. St. Andrews, 42, will have to serve the remainder of the term in the coming months, unless the Court of Appeals agrees to hear the case and stays her sentence again.

Dustin St. Andrews was denied parole when he became eligible and is eligible for release in December 2012.

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