Couple maintains good humor as house is flooding

WARRENSBURG - While area homeowners and emergency responders were pumping out flooded basements following the steady rain late last week that followed a heavy snowstorm, one local couple with no basement had a more threatening problem.

When Brad Beighley of 255 & 1/2 River St. woke up for a glass of water at about 5 a.m. Friday, March 11, he found that the first floor of his home that he shared with his partner, Pam Reed, had been flooded.

Flood waters had backed up behind a culvert, apparently packed with snow and ice, that was supposed to drain his property. The result was the entire yard filling up with water, up to a foot or two deep.

After rousing Reed, he began a lengthy routine of pushing water away from his home, using a lawn tractor fitted with a miniature bulldozer blade.

While he was working, ducks swam through their backyard, and Reed reached out her back window and fed the creatures chunks of bread, the duo recalled as they shared smiles.

With the living room rug under her feet soggy with floodwaters, Reed watched television, which was at one point interrupted by the couple's chihuahua "Bronx," barking furiously, Reed said as she surveyed the damage to her home.

"I looked over at what Bronx was barking at, and I saw his dog dish floating by in the kitchen," she said with a chuckle.

In the early afternoon, Warrensburg firefighters were summoned but told the couple there was little they could do to help out because as soon as water was pumped out, more water would flow right back inside.

Landlord Kathy Rumble came to the scene, as did state Department of Public Works officials, who inspected the culvert under Rte. 418 that drains the property. Rumble and the couple said their losses weren't covered by insurance.

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