Where have all the adults gone?

I keep hearing our elected officials from President Obama to Sen. Schumer and many others in between calling for an "Adult Conversation" about the most serious issues facing our nation. One would assume we had been electing serious people to do an important job in leading our nation, but we must conclude that, by their own admission, they having only been "fooling around" in a childish/immature manner for some time now, waiting for the electorate to step up and say enough is enough.

It's sad to think of all the lost time and opportunities wasted while they pretended to be conducting affairs of the state. We now realize that many were just out for a good time.

A good friend of mine, who is now retired in Colorado, recently told me a story about a high ranking New York state official who questioned why residents allowed the state to be controlled by three individuals. He and his fellow elected officials continued to be amazed at what they were allowed to "get away with" in Albany.

I can't help but wonder if we are willing to sacrifice some of our luxuries for future generations the way previous American generations did for our benefit?

I was reading recently some information regarding the nation's efforts during World War II. Clearly, it was an all-out, shared national approach. Everybody did their part, including serious rationing of gasoline and food supplies that were saved from domestic consumption to aid the war effort for the troops. Things like rubber products, metal, glass, iron, and even women's nylons stockings were recycled for the manufacturing machine. The Great Depression generation was saving money and purchasing war bonds. Americans went to work on the production lines - especially women who entered traditional male manufacturing jobs - turning out equipment, ships, tanks and planes in record numbers, working seven days a week. Everybody was in the fight to win the war, and failure was not an option.

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