Outsourcing, Eureka!

Currently, Corrections is a huge cost to taxpayers. Though Americans represent only 5% of the world's population they imprison more that 25% of the world's prisoners. Outsourcing prisoners could save a tremendous amount of money. Laws could be changed so that part of the sentence would include being sent to Mexico or a nearby South American country.

Again, the long legs of the American dollar in impoverished countries and a local workforce that would work for $.50 a day could reduce costs and probably reduce our crime rate dramatically in the process.

The ranks of poor Americans have grown dramatically in the last twenty years as the middle class has crumbled. Why not incentivize the poor, uninsured or unemployable to move to India or another poor Asian Rim country where a modest public assistance allotment would allow them to live like a wealthy person in America. If offered, many would act on the opportunity given the greatly disadvantaged circumstance that they would be vacating. Finally, health care is another cost that we simply cannot afford anymore.

Why not send Americans out of the country for operations, rehabilitation or convalescence. Incentives could be provided to maintain personal health. For instance, a public health advertisement might read, "keep overeating and you could end up in Mexico." These creative outsourcing solutions all have one thing in common, they cost less. Obviously, these outsourcing proposals are made in humor and jest and could never happen in America.

Or could they?

Remember, all kids count.

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