Spring season not fun for allergy sufferers

There really are no cures for common allergies, only methods to manage the symptoms. Individuals with strong allergies to pollen should avoid spending a lot of time outside when pollen counts are especially high or the wind is blowing pollen around. Pollen predictions can be obtained through the local weather report or doing a little investigating online. Here are some other steps to limit troublesome springtime allergies.

* Take a shower to wash off pollen from hair and skin after coming indoors.

* Launder clothes regularly.

* Keep windows and doors closed on high pollen days.

* Use a HEPA air filter inside of the home.

* Do not air-dry clothes, linens or other items outdoors on a clothesline.

* Consider using a saline irrigation spray to improve breathing and cleanse the nasal passages of pollen.

* Talk with a doctor about the best OTC products available for allergy symptoms. If those are ineffective, prescription medications may work.

* Some people find relief from alternative health treatments, such as acupuncture or ear candling.

Being proactive about seasonal allergies can mean getting relief earlier or even preventing serious complications in the spring.

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