Spring clean your way to a healthier home

Clear the garage and basement

Garages and basements are often used to store paints, paint thinners, oils, solvents, and other potentially toxic supplies. If any of these toxic supplies are old, consult your local sanitation department to determine how best to discard such items. For those you want to keep, be sure the lids are tight and not leaking potentially harmful chemicals into the air.

Make up for lost time

For those who don't consider spring cleaning an annual tradition, it's never too late to start making your home a healthier place. Such was the case with Richard Tobias, who was responsible for cleaning his father's old apartment after his father moved to a nursing home. A smoker for 40 years, Tobias' father left behind an apartment with walls encrusted with decades of cigarette smoke.

"I sprayed the walls, doors, countertops, ceilings, furniture, and anything that was going to be saved with Spray Nine(R), and the nicotine did not stand a chance," said Tobias.

According the Jim Kenney, Product Manager at Permatex, maker of Spray Nine, in addition to its many household uses, Spray Nine Cleaner/Disinfectant can be used on your car, boat or RV, and in your office. It has also been proven effective in hospitals, schools, institutions, and restaurants.

Embrace eco-friendly cleaning

A healthy home should also be one that's healthy for the environment. With its water-based formula, Spray Nine(R) is much more eco-friendly and offers a better choice over chlorine bleach or pine-based cleaning products, which can negatively impact air quality and cause discoloration and damage to surface finishes in some cases.

For more information, visit www.spraynine.com.

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