Ice jam in Hudson River moves downstream, residents need to stay alert

UPDATED: 8:40 p.m. Sunday

THURMAN -- Massive chunks of ice -- that had blocked the flow of the Hudson River and flooded riverbanks near North Creek -- roared downstream Sunday afternoon, forming an ice jam about a mile north of the Rte. 418 bridge at Thurman Station, officials said.

"The ice is now bottled up in the Hudson River at Glen Hudson Campsite," Thurman Supervisor Evelyn Wood said at 8:30 p.m. Sunday. "It's blocked up pretty good."

She added that there appears to be a channel of open water underneath the Thurman Bridge. Earlier in the day Warren County officials said they were concerned about potential flooding upstream along Golf Course Road and particularly at the Warren County Fish Hatchery.

At about 6 p.m. Sunday, Jim Cronin of Cronin Golf Resort along Golf Course Road said four of his fairways were under water, but his course was spared the damage that it has incurred in other years with ice masses jumping the banks and tearing up his greens -- or massive erosion problems.

"I don't think it's a bad year here for ice," he said, noting that for more than an hour Sunday afternoon, he watched the ice move past his course. "It looks like it passed by without damage."

Regardless of the minimal problems occurring Sunday, residents downstream should be prepared and keep informed about further ice movement, emergency officials monitoring the situation said.

Shortly after the break-up was observed early afternoon, Golf Course Road in Warrensburg was closed, but it reopened soon after, county Emergency Services Director Brian LaFlure said at 4:02 p.m. as he was standing on the Thurman Station Bridge waiting for the mass of ice to arrive.

Friday and Saturday, the ice jam upstream in the Hudson River flooded Old River Rd. off state Rte. 28N.

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