I have just finished shoveling more snow. Unbelievable, what a winter this has turned out to be. Please double check and make sure you have enough clearance for the poor mail carrier to navigate in even though I don't know where to put all this snow.

This storm has brought quite a bit of flooding. Make sure you keep an eye on your basements and, while maybe not prone to getting water in, this is a year with a lot more snow near the foundations of the houses. While renting an apartment I had a dry basement for three years and the fourth year after a heavy snowfall I ended up losing my entire vinyl collection and am spending a small fortune now to replace them all. Better safe than sorry and maybe put perishables or valuables off the ground. Make sure you have easy access to the circuit box as this is the concern of firemen with this level of flooding - water and electricity are not a good combination. If any of you are hearing odd noises in your plumbing that is a sign that the pipes venting the air out (in?) are covered on your roof. Hopefully a couple of good sunny days will clear the roofs off a bit.

Make sure your pets have enough clearance to navigate outside. I noticed that the snow is up to the top of my fence so I had to use snow to build a block so my dog doesn't get any ideas.

Now is a great time to put out bread, vegetables and birdseed as our animal neighbours are going to have a very difficult time finding any food until we get a good thaw.

I know our neighbours in Jay and AuSable Forks were hit quite badly and some damage has occurred from the flooding. Now would be a great time to see if you have any unwanted but still good furniture or furnishings and donate them to the Red Cross or the Methodist Church. So they are available to people who need them.

Stay safe and well and keep your chins up - spring is coming.

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