Crown Point faces major water repairs

Crown Point's system is also leaking. Normally a system loses about 30 percent of its water, Tedford said.

"The estimate for Crown Point was 50 percent," she said. "When you have meters that don't work you don't know how much water you're using."

Tedford said she estimates about 296,000 gallons a quarter are lost from one leaking hydrant in the town.

"That's a somewhat significant leak," she said. "At your charge for water, it would be about $3,300.

"There are a number of leaks the town already knows about," she added. "One pipe leaked for a week; you lost 700,000 gallons of water. You're losing roughly 50,000 gallons a day, which comes to 18 million gallons per year. That's kind of crazy."

Tedford also addressed Crown Point's water meters.

A survey by town workers showed 165 water meters were either missing, didn't have outside readers or were broken, she said.

"Everybody who's got water is supposed to have a working meter," Tedford said. "Crown Point has not been following its own ordinance."

She recommended setting up a program to repair or install meters where needed.

All agreed funding is needed to make the repairs.

Tedford said the town has applied to Rural Development for a grant and could apply to Environmental Facilities Corp. also.

"They might have money for a project like this," she said. "That's hopeful."

The weak water pressure may also help the town find funding, she noted. Water pressure less than 20 psi is a violation of state standards, Tedford said.

"One of my recommendations is that the town water department work in conjunction with the fire department to conduct an assessment during fire flow events to see exactly what happens," Tedford said. "The state health department would have serious concerns about that and would want you to correct it."

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