County leader loses weight, but not politically

QUEENSBURY - A county leader who is expected to throw his weight around regionally is now likely to do so - with far fewer pounds. Dan Stec of Queensbury, the larger-than-life Warren County Board of Supervisors Chairman, has shed 68 pounds since Jan. 1, and this weight loss prompted both quips and congratulations from fellow politicians at the Feb. 18 and March 9 county Board of Supervisors meetings. Stec, a looming 6 foot 5 inches, said his key to his quick weight loss was a protein-and-vegetable diet that cuts down drastically on fats and simple carbohydrates including sugary and starchy foods.

"The first couple of days I had 'sugar withdrawal,' but now I don't miss it, and I'm not hungry," he said. "I miss my pasta and pizza a little, but I don't have to have it."

The diet started with a New Year's resolution, and he then sought out the advice of chiropractor and weight-loss advisor Jonathan Gerber of Queensbury.

Stec's weight came off easily, and he's now wearing clothes that fit eight years ago, he said, declining to reveal his present weight.

"I have a lot more energy, people say I look younger, and feel like I have more confidence," he said, noting that some people claim he already has a generous supply of the latter.

Stec's goal is to lose 100 pounds and fit into the clothing he wore in college, he said.

"I want to go 'retro' with my wardrobe," he said.

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