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Handling soiled laundry

As a caregiver you are around a lot of soiled laundry. So make it safe by:

* Always use latex gloves when handling soiled laundry.

* Carry dirty linens away from your body.

* Never shake soiled linens. (Germs may contaminate the floor and be spread throughout the house on the soles of shoes,)

* Use a leak-proof plastic bag, tied shut, for linen that contains body fluids or waste.

* Bag soiled laundry in the same place where it is used.

* Wash soiled linen separately from other clothes.

* Fill the machine with hot water, add 1/4 cup bleach and detergent, rinse twice, and then dry.

* Clean the washer by running it through a cycle with one cup bleach or other disinfectant

Remember, wash your hands before going on to another task!

(Taken from Caregiver Assistance News)

Winter workouts

Don't let the cold months of winter be an excuse to cut back on your exercise routine.

Consider these calorie-burning indoor activities when it's just too cold to be outside:

* Walk your local mall.

* Take the stairs whenever possible

* At work, walk around your building's hallways during your lunch or coffee break.

* Watch and follow an exercise video or DVD rather than a movie.

* Don't wait for spring for a thorough house cleaning. Wash the inside of your windows,

Vacuum or shampoo the carpet or clean out your closets.

Aim for a goal of 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week and you'll be on your way to keeping off winter weight gain.

Breast cancer screening

As many as 45 percent of breast cancers are diagnosed after age 70, and the risk of breast cancer doesn't start to decline until after age 84. Despite this many older women don't take the risk of breast cancer seriously and may tend to assume they would have developed the disease already if they were going to get it at all.

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