Mill Creek Musings

I want to be a Weeble. In case you don't remember, Weebles are those 1970 little pear-shaped plastic people who have weighted bottoms. I have made a good start toward achieving this goal.

My eighth grade physical education teacher, if she were alive today, would attest to the fact that I'm bottom heavy. I could never execute the forward roll a.k.a. somersault, or jump over the horse. I would run right up to that nag and stop short.

I'm not talking about a real live horse here. This "Trigger" was a stationary piece of gymnastic equipment.

Why, you ask, would I aspire to be a Weeble? Because "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down". We all wobble from time to time. It's no crime to be swayed, to be wafted hither and yon by circumstances.

Like those toy Weebles, we humans have something inside which steadies us when outside forces test our equilibrium and endurance. Call it what you will - our belief system, our faith. Father Ashline once referred to it as the ability to cope. Today I'm calling it Weebling.

When I see trouble up ahead, I don't go into a phone booth and emerge as a superhero. I just look in the mirror and see a pear-shaped, bottom heavy Weeble. Because though Weebles may wobble, they don't fall down.

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