Long Lake hors d' oeuvres challenged

LONGLAKE-Now in its second year, Long Lake's Hors D'Ĺ“uvres Throw Down has become a welcomed tradition, according to Alexandra Verner Roalsvig, director Park, Recreation and Tourism.

The Cellar brought home this year's top honors as they pitted their crab hush puppy with sweet chili sauce and seared flat iron filet with cauliflower puree and a roasted eggplant dip served on a pita chip against the Adirondack Hotel, who challenged with offferings including spiced lamb shank with a goat cheese fritter and roasted red pepper ketchup and portabella wellington with a sherry cream sauce.

For a bargain price of $10, 46 judges were shuttled to each location and sampled the creations of each venue.

"The energy and excitement of the crowd was palpable," Roalsvig said.

Roalsvig said she's sure the event will return to Long Lake and hopefully set a precedent to return for many years to come.

Drawing a regional crowd, the event impressed JJ Maroun and his wife, who visited from Tupper Lake. Julie Veronezi and Doug Cropper, a couple visiting on winter break from Columbia County, made a return after spontaneously participating in the event in 2010.

"We came back because we had so much fun last year,"Cropper said.

The Throw Down was part of the Long Lake's Winter Wonderland Wacky Week.

For more information, visit www.mylonglake.com.

Awards included:

Overall winner with the best hors d'oeuvres in town:

The Cellar

Overall 2nd place:

The Adirondack Hotel

1st place best in show:

The Adirondack Hotel with "Portabella Wellington with a sherry cream sauce".

2nd place best in show:

The Cellar with "Seared Flat Iron Filet with Cauliflower Puree."

3rd place best in show:

The Adirondack Hotel with "Tandoori Spiced Lamb Shank with Goat Cheese Fritter and Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup".

4th place best in show:

The Cellar with "Crab Hush Puppy with Sweet Chili Sauce."

5th place best in show:

The Cellar with "Roasted Eggplant dip served on a Pita Chip".

6th place best in show:

The Adirondack Hotel with "Southwest Seafood Newburg in a Corn Tortilla."

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