The Three Amigos - Who are you and why are you in my business?

I am a business owner in Tupper Lake. My partner and I own KB Enterprises. This is a small convenience store and bottle and can redemption center. We also own a small construction company. I work at the store 60 hours per week because we simply cannot afford to pay for more help. We pay our bills month to month and just hope to hang on. Since the recession hit, the construction side of our business has been at a standstill like many other companies in Tupper Lake.

I'm not politically active and I've never written a letter to the editor until now. I watch the local news very closely because I know that my future depends upon the proposed development called the Adirondack Club and Resort (ACR).

So what's my point? As I watch the approval process that the ACR has to endure with the Adirondack Park Agency I read about the environmental groups that are trying to kill the project and it has begun to get very personal to me. Who are these people and why are they trying to put me out of business? They are all the same. They are the three amigos- the Adirondack Council, Protect the Adirondacks, and the Nature Conservancy. Who are they to come into our local economy and attack the only project we have that could bring new people and business to Tupper Lake? I don't know these people but I want to put a finger in their chest and say, "First of all, we don't need you here and second of all, get out of the way and let the APA process start so it can finish!"

Why are we held hostage to some self appointed "do gooders" who don't live here but get paid very well to tell us how to live? I have some real skin in this game but they don't. Protect the Adirondacks has said that it wants to kill the ACR project and the Adirondack Council says that the project does not meet its standards. Here's my message to all the environmentalists: you don't approve anything here, the APA does, so go back home and aggravate the people where you live.

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