St. Mary's could be facing closure

The parents decided they each need to work to raise money to keep the school open, figuring each one is responsible for raising about $2,000.

Five years ago, the school was in a similar situation. However, at the time, they needed to raise $100,000 - and they did.

"We're at about $8,000," said Kelly. "That was in three days. But, what I fear is what happened before. We got up pretty fast to $80,000 ... but the people that have given, have given. To scrounge up that other $20,000 was rough going."

So, Kelly is looking to the community for help.

"Mostly what we'd like [the community] to see is that we have a treasure there," she said. "If parents would come ... and have their child just spend a day in our school, that's what I would like to see. We wouldn't have any troubles if we could fill up the school."

Kelly said one mother chose to have her child attend for one day, and now all three of her children are students at the school.

"We've had children who say they won't go to bed that night until their parents make sure they are there the next day," she said.

"Give it a shot. Just come any time. Any time that we're there, come and just put your child in the school for a day," added Kelly.

How can I help?

Donations for St.Mary's Academy may be arranged by calling Sister Marie Cordata Kelly at 298-3372.

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