Planned Parenthood to close its doors?

Troubled by the financial move, Stahl admitted she does not believe its roots are truly based in budgetary concerns, but instead noted a political link.

"It may be put in context of the budget, but in reality cutting Title X, and cutting the budget for Planned Parenthood services is not a smart move at all," she explained.

Despite a possible negative financial future, Stahl remains positive.

"We know from the work that we do, and the response that we have received within the last week, that this is really not aligned with the majority of American beliefs," she said. "We've been here for four decades. People know who we are and trust us, people want us to be here, and expect us to be here."

Kathie Wunderlich, PPNCNY president and chief executive officer, reiterated Stahl's sentiments.

"I think we are a very integral part of the health system, particularly for people who are in the lower income bracket," said Wunderlich. "If funding were to end, there's no way we could continue services."

At the prospect of losing funding, Wunderlich acknowledged she did not know what administrative moves she would make, nor what recourse poorer individuals might take.

"It would be extremely difficult. I don't know where we'd find those funds, and because those are among our poorest patients, I don't know where they would find affordable primary care,"she said.

Wunderlich also echoed Stahl's belief that the motivation for the cut is not solely financial.

"This has nothing to do with the budget, and that's what makes this so upsetting. This is clearly a vendetta to cut people out of any funding," she said. "It's very clear that this vendetta isn't being brought by the American people they represent."

Dr. John Middleton, founder of the Plattsburgh Right to Life and Birth Right, noted the removal of federal funding would not largely hinder Planned Parenthood at all, as they rely largely on state funding.

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