New public defender position nixed, for now

Palmer said that the first year of the position would be covered by grant funds that would be rolled over from the fund that was established to bring the Collard murder case to trial, which has since gone into a plea agreement.

"I feel that as tough as it is to create a new position, there is too much work there for Brandon to be as effective as he needs to be," Douglas said. "I feel that we are burning this young man out and he needs assistance."

"None of us are in a place where we want to create a new position," Montgomery-Corey said. "But if we are not able to provide a level of defense to someone who needs it, the financial impact is going to be even larger."

"Constitutionally, it is our responsibility to provide a defendant with proper legal council," Scozzafava said. "It is our responsibility morally and ethically. I am going to go with Brandon's word that we need this position."

"This is a constitutional right that we have to provide and we cannot dismiss that obligation," Merrihew said.

"This is the time that you have to hold the line," Hatch said. "Putting another employee on is not the answer right now."

Hatch added that he felt the time to discuss this was during budget season.

"Every year we go through the budget process, then after that someone comes to us with a new thing and we go with it," Hatch said. "Tha needs to stop."

"I think that this is a little premature to make a decision," Blades said. "We need to wait and see what the state does with a budget before we make any staff decisions."

Several supervisors asked about a part-time position, and Boutelle said that he felt that would not be the most effective solution.

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