Welcome to March and more snow! I don't know about you, but I am really ready for spring and the chance to work on my yard and spring cleaning. I prefer winter as a season and the colder temperatures to hot summers but still enough is enough. There are a lot of changes coming into my life and with them the chance to get some fresh starts which are hard to do when I'm tired from all the snow removal.

Next Wednesday (March 9) starts the Lent season with Ash Wednesday. Traditionally Lent means meatless Fridays and a time for sacrifices. I see a little different time of opportunity here. Fridays are now opportunities for more seafood which I certainly do not mind and am looking forward to what are local restaurants will be offering.

As for sacrifices, dieting and exercising is certainly something I can benefit from and is never easy. Traditionally we use New Year's as that chance to lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking or some other detrimental habit we've been meaning to stop. My problem with New Year's is that it is one day and then it's over and up to us to continue on with our resolutions which already are never easy to maintain. Not for me, I prefer Lent as it is a 40-day period emphasizing sacrifice - much easier to maintain, follow and even get a support group to help. Even better, it really doesn't have to be about sacrifice at all, it can even be about picking up a good habit, something that makes us better people or can help the community. This is a great chance to volunteer in any one of a bunch of worthy local charities and groups to continue to make this a wonderful community.

So instead of Jan. 1 for that self improvement moment, try using Wednesday, March 9. Check with all of the local churches and you can find times for the Ash Wednesday services as well as ideas and contacts to make a fresh start and be more proactive for your own good as well as the good of the community. What do you have to lose? Have a great week!

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