Willsboro seniors celebrate

WILLSBORO-Willsboro Central School said farewell to 21 students who completed their high school education June 24.

Commencement speaker Dawn Bronson told students that the journey is what got them to their reward.

"I belive that what should make you and your parents most proud is not the actual diploma itself, but what you had to do to get it," Bronson said. "Each and every one of you had to work very hard to get where you are today."

Bronson also admonished the students to keep learning, expecially from their mistakes.

"If you make mistakes, don't make it twice - learn from it," Bronson said. "Mistakes are learning experiences."

Valedictorian Adam Robare used the Willsboro Central School alma mater as the theme for his talk.

"We have done it," Robare said. "We have completed 12 years of education. We are holding in our hands diplomas which symbolize the end of high school but also the beginning of our adulthood. 'Willsboro Central We sing all hail, all hail.' This is the end of the alma mater but like the diploma, this is just the beginning. We can now look at our lives and start to plan our road map. We have the world at our doorstep now. We must seize the unique and exciting moments that are coming our way. We have reached the end of high school but the start of life. We are the Class of 2011."

Salutatorian Atlas Manning used a top 10 list, detailing things learned at Willsboro that he hopes the class never forgets, with his last two showing gratitude to several.

"Thank you to the teachers who have always taught us as best as they could, thank you to all of the school faculty who have kept our school running smoothly despite our best efforts," Manning said. "Thank you Mr. Broadwell for taking an active interest in the well-being of the students, a special thank you to Mr. Ford who has been especially helpful to us as seniors I know that without his help I would have been completely lost in the college application process, thank you to my mother for always loving me and my brother unconditionally through good times and bad, thank you to my father for always pushing me to challenge myself, and thank you Willsboro for the best five years of my life so far.

"My final lesson that I have learned here I learned from my grandmother Delores Anderson," Manning ended. "She has beaten strokes and leukemia and never stopped smiling and cheering me on. The final lesson is never admit defeat."

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