Westport pitches for building

'If we were forced to shut down our garage, then we would be forced to put out to bond at a very high cost and we would also have to put in our own fueling station," said WCS Superintendent Dr. John Gallagher. "Another thing is that all three need a lift for their vehicles, so should all three entities buy a separate building and put up a lift."

"For a long time, I have wanted to keep the town hall in the center of town," councilman Michael "Ike" Tyler said. "As we have gone through this process, for me, it's a no-brainer. For sentimental value, I would love to stay here, but this building is in bad shape, folks."

"We are not only going to save with what we are doing but we are going to save in the long run," school board member Dwayne Stevens said. "With one building, you are heating and maintaining four walls. With three buildings, you are heating and maintaining 12 walls."

"I do not know what we would do in this town if something happened along the lines of what happened in Ausable," acting DPW chairman Dennis "Denny" Westover said, referring to the recent closure of their town garage. "We have a violation issue here, and with our fuel, it is an inconvenience when all three entities are using it and it runs out up to three times a week in the winter. When the snow comes, you can imagine what we are thinking."

"None of the buildings we are talking about now meet codes," resident and committee member George Maffey said. "We want a facility that is inviting and the facilities we have today are not inviting."

The committee then took questions from those who attended the meeting, which ranged from questions about the figures presented, options if the proposition were to fail and whether or not the committee had considered all options.

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