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Mother mourned

Mrs. Reuben E. Smith, nee Bertha Cooper, daughter of William Cooper, died at the family home in the northern Chester on Thursday, June 29, 1911 after an illness of one week. From the human view, this is one of the saddest of providences. A young wife in the best of health and in a happy home with husband and parents, her sudden passing has brought a wrench of grief to her large circle of friends and relatives.

Her patience in suffering and calm assurance in facing death speak louder than words her trust in Jesus Christ whom she loved. She was buried in Chestertown beside the babe which has preceded her by just a week.

Man clings to life

Oliver C. Lucia, proprietor of the Carpenter House, Lake George and a brother of George W. Lucia of Warrensburgh, had a stroke of apoplexy the evening of July 3, 1911 and has since been unconscious. He is failing rapidly and there is little hope of his recovery. Mr. Lucia was stricken while alone in his gasoline launch on the lake. Though his entire right side was paralyzed, he managed to guide the boat to the dock before he lapsed into unconsciousness and was carried to the hotel.

News roundabout

The post office at Hill View on Lake George, will hereafter be known as Diamond Point. The change went into effect July 1, 1911.

State Gov. John A. Dix, accompanied by General Verbeck and his staff of officers, stopped at the Crystal Drug Store in Warrensburgh for refreshments July 4, 1911 on their way to Lake George where they dined at the new Fort William Henry Hotel. (Note: The Crystal Pharmacy was beside the sidewalk on the north end of what is now Jacob & Toney's Meat Store of the North.)

The roads in Knowelhurst have automobiles over them nearly every day. The road to West Stony Creek is a good dirt turnpike and many loads of "sports" in autos go over the roadway.

Someone hunting in the woods back of Sanford Kenyon's store in North Thurman, on June 4, 1911, shot Bert Bills' dog through the nose and Mr. Bills had to kill the animal.

Orrin Sprague of Adirondack accidentally discharged his gun Sunday and the bullet went between two of his toes taking the flesh from the side of each toe. Dr. Bibby of Pottersville is attending him.

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