Turning Back the Pages

The child was playing in front of the Exchange Hotel, which was conducted by her parents. She suddenly crossed the road in front of the approaching machine as the driver did everything in his power to avoid the collision but was unable to do so. Cronin picked up the almost lifeless body of the little girl and placed it in his car and rushed it to the Sagamore Hotel to seek medical aid but she expired before he got there. She sustained a deep cut on her head.

Cronin returned to the Exchange Hotel and registered his name and address according to the law.

Water famine

Warrensburgh is facing a water famine. The reservoir of the village waterworks system on Harrington Hill is nearly empty. The several streams which serve as feeders are rapidly drying up and unless there is rain soon, the situation will become even more desperate.

Edward Harrington, who lives on the hill near the reservoir and is employed as fireman at the local shirt factory, visited the reservoir before coming to his work July 6, and swears that he has not exaggerated in the least the gravity of the situation. In this emergency, the greatest economy in the use of water should be practiced and waste should be avoided in any way possible.

Sweltering heat

Farmers and gardeners hereabouts assert that crops are being burned up and destroyed by the extreme heat and dry weather. On July 13, 1911 the mercury crept up to 104 degrees in the shade.

A woman in Lewisville (River Street area) doing some ironing found that it was possible to heat the irons by simply placing them on a stove griddle placed on the window sill where the sun shone on them.

Crew battles blaze

A fire broke out in the woods opposite Batesville, about a mile north of Lake George village July 12, 1911 and State Fire Patrolman Robert Cunningham of Warrensburgh got out a big force of men to fight it. In spite of a brisk wind, the fire was under control by night fall. A fierce fire raged for several days on Elephant Mt., but this is finally under control.

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