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Peddler shot in leg

Leroy Tanner, a Warrensburgh tin peddler about 40 years of age, while prowling on Saturday night around a farmhouse in Kenyontown, Thurman, was shot in the leg by a load of buckshot. Norman Russell, 21, is said to have admitted that he did the shooting and claims that Tanner's conduct justified the act.

Tanner had been drinking heavily for about two weeks, spending most of that time in Thurman. Wednesday night he left his horse and cart at the home of Lewis Moon in Kenyontown and went to Athol to procure a fresh supply of booze material. Upon his return, he went to the Russell place and was poking about the house, peering in the windows and rattling the blinds. Young Russell, hearing the noise, went out and ordered him to go away three times and his warnings were ignored. Grabbing his trusty shotgun, loaded with buckshot, he blazed away at the shadowy form and heard a yell of pain but the hasty retreat of the intruder gave him to believe that the shot had not been fatal.

Tanner, with three buckshot pellets imbedded in this right leg and bleeding profusely from his wound, made his way to Lewis Moon's sugar camp about a half-mile away where Moon found him the next morning. He took Tanner to his home and sent for Dr. J.E. Goodman who could not locate the pellets in the badly swollen leg and ordered the man to Glens Falls Hospital. He was taken to Warrensburgh where he was sent alone on the trolley car to Glens Falls where he was met by an ambulance. Because his wounds were promptly treated, he is expected to fully recover.

Car runs down child

Doris Norton, three-year-old daughter of F.R. Norton of Bolton, was struck and almost killed by a touring car owned by B.J. Cloonan of Hudson Falls and driven by Patrick Cronin.

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