Trying to learn the secrets of nature

It is Thursday night after a hard thunderstorm and I just finished a walk. I am very wet from the wet undergrowth but feeling happy. There is such peace after a rain. It is like everything is saying ahhhhh. I took some pictures of the path behind our home. It is one of my favorite places. Going on that 15-minute walk puts life back into perspective. I wandered around our yard after I got back. It is amazing when you argue with nature and plant a cultivated garden, then just leave it for a year unattended and wild takes over again. It is like life. The cycles go round and round. I like that thought. One of the reasons that I like gardening so much is that you are working with nature trying to learn her secrets. You try to use your knowledge to plant what will be happy in that environment. It is a continual learning experience. I chuckle at the title Master Gardener. Gardening is one thing I will never master.

The Lupine is in bloom. It comes in all shades of pinks and purples. You can find it growing wild or in cultivated gardens. It is very graceful. I love it for its beauty, but the seed pods are eaten in Europe, soaked in salt and vinegar solution and eaten with a glass of beer. It can be very bitter depending on the variety but in Germany they cultivate "sweet seeds" for the purpose of consumption. It is also grown as a companion plant to vegetables that need high nitrogen in the soil, like squash, cucumbers and broccoli. I do not recommend eating anything that you find in the wild without proper knowledge. That brings me to another flower that was plentiful on my walk, the blackberry blossoms. The woods smell heavenly! I have never seen them so happy. I hope that the bees get to them so that we will have a mess of berries this summer. There is one good thing about having a power line go through your property, it opens up the woods and the berries begin to grow and I am a picker.

June ninth was the first anniversary of the death of Peter Snyder, my sister's husband that died in a kayak accident on Lake George. It has been a hard year. She had found such happiness with Peter and to have it taken away so suddenly has been very difficult. There is a rock garden planted in Peter's memory in the Ski Bowl Garden. "We are thinking about you, Peter."

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