The Land of Enchantment

American's aren't out at home, we're just out.

We're at Costco, the kids soccer game, the balloon festival (I still don't get balloon festivals, I may never), the barber shop, mall, Farmer's market, the Creamy stand, the strip club, did I say that?, and of course, work. Some spiritual stalwarts can be found at church.

Contrary to the theory that suggests we spend little time working on our homes, I found most of the homes I walked by in Albuquerque to be in very good form and function.

Course my sister lives in a good form and function neighborhood, full of sweet little adobe style, self contained, humble yet smart, places. Some of them with stone lawns, some with grass, which by the way is in most cases green as Gumby. Some of them have plantings consisting mostly of cactus, and desert evergreen trees. I don't remember the name of one in particular that is prevalent; I think it starts with a p, and smells great burning. Most all had paved drives, which goes a long way in spiffing up a place.

There is sameness to the homes, same as here, but in the neighborhood I trolled, home conditions seemed to be more consistently above average condition than ones here.

Here in Vermont as you drive along you'll pass a fine abode, clipped, nipped and tucked within an inch of it's OCD suffering owners lives, only to see the next home you pass is all around no count, and has been left un sided for 30 years to keep the taxes low.

What the heck am I trying to get at? I'm trying to say, I really enjoyed walking around my sister Holly's Albuquerque neighborhood. It's not a rich one, but the homes were consistently well kempt (kempt as I was writing I could see where I might use kempt, and I didn't even know if it was actually a word, and I didn't know if the word I should use wasn't kempt, but kept. But I had a good feeling about the fact that throughout my 50 years on this earth, I've heard, and actually have used the word kempt. So I took a flyer and used kempt, then I looked it up, and, it's a word, and the right one in the space I used it. Not only do you by default learn something new everyday, you also teach yourself something new everyday. But no one ever says that, do they?).

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