LP developer continues to fume over height restrictions

A Lake Placid developer is fuming over zoning rules that would prevent him from building a resort more than 35 feet tall.

Art Lussi, whose family owns the former Lake Placid Club properties on Mirror Lake, wants the local zoning district changed to a classification that would allow him to build a resort that's several feet higher.

He requested the change in March, a few months after the community adopted new zoning rules. Lussi said his property was reclassified from "planned development" to "village center" without his knowledge. The change lowered the maximum height he could build from 40-feet to 35-feet.

Lussi's request has spurred local officials to consider revising the rules to accommodate taller resort buildings on properties zoned as planned development.

The village of Lake Placid and the town of North Elba held a joint public hearing Tuesday to consider the change. Dean Dietrich leads the technical steering committee that makes recommendations on amendments to the new local zoning laws.

His board has recommended removing height restrictions in areas zoned as planned development.

"We came to a consensus that basically says if there is a fairly large tract of land that's fairly well planned out then we can perhaps see where a taller building would be in order," Dietrich said.

Dietrich said the change would allow anyone to apply to the Lake Placid\North Elba Joint Review Board to reclassify their property as planned development.

"And the easiest way to do that is to take out the requirement that deals with height in a [planned development]. This could provide [Lussi] with relief because what they could do is go to the review board [and apply for planned development status]. We felt it would be more equitable to treat everybody the same way rather than [making a legislative change] for just one piece of property."

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