The Land of Enchantment

I've been eating at the Flying Star for eight years and have never being disappointed in the neat, helpful, wait and support staff. They all seem to be motivated, and happy to be working at the Flying Star. Good little American workers is what they are.

At each of the locations are several large racks loaded full of a wide variety of the latest magazines. They carry several issues of the most popular magazines, yet still plenty of rather obscure ones too. You don't need to buy them; the magazines are there for you to read at your leisure. Since electronic media has become so prevalent, I find fewer folks read the magazines. I still do, and I tend to pull off and peruse a variety of them from sports, to business, to glossy promotional European vacation ones. How cool a feature huh?

My sis tells me the chain, and I hesitate to call it a chain. In fact, if there is an actual number of something to qualify it as a chain, I'm not sure the Flying Star qualifies, because I believe there are a total of only 11, all in New Mexico. But my sis tells me the first Flying Star was opened in 1987, on Central, right near her house, by a married couple, Jean and Mark Bernstein.

When I recall images of visiting my sister, one of the strongest sense memories is of The Flying Star. The place adds a lot of fun to my visit, and when I'm eating there I never fail to wonder about the creators and owners, and about how hard they work to keep their brand efficient and nice. I appreciate their efforts.

With all the many, many, many great places to eat we have in Vermont, I'd say we don't have anything similar to the Flying Star. We need something like it. Go ahead, come up with a great that's idea unique to Vermont and open it.

You could you know.

Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act "The Logger." His column appears weekly. He can be reached at rustyd@pshift.com.

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