State education commissioner demands revote

Steve Trombley, president of school board said that though "this is not the norm by any means," the board did the right thing by putting the decision in the commissioner hands. Leonard King, a school board member said, "It's a tough choice, but to be fair to the public, yes it's the right choice."

Trombley said mistakes happen, and the process to fix that mistake is under way, but the tight deadline and confusion over requirements with no word back from the are worrisome, "hopefully we have started our process today."

To approve the special election, the board needed a quorum of at least five, said Trombley, but the entire board made it out for the meeting.

The budget submitted for the election is $38,721,107, with another proposition for four school buses at a cost of $424,811.66.

A meeting was scheduled for the night of the vote, so if the budget passes, the board can approve it and resume normal business, and if it fails, decide what to do next. Options would include resubmitting the budget for another vote, altering the budget and submitting it, or falling back on the contingency budget, with tiny percentage increase over the last approved budget.

Unregistered voters will be able to register for the election until June 27. Absentee ballots will be automatically mailed to registered disabled voters who can't make it in for election day, but anyone who applied for an absentee ballot for the now void election will need to re-apply.

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