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With all the wonderful sunny weather of recent days, everyone seems to be taking advantage and getting outside to walk their family pooch. A brisk walk or leisurely stroll can be positively therapeutic for you and your pet, but please keep in mind some rules of basic dog walking etiquette to keep friendly neighbor relations. Freelance writer Colleen Putnam summarized the basic rules in an article she wrote for Yahoo.

First, become aware of neighbors who are not amenable to your dog's presence on their lawns, and avoid these yards. It is actually considered trespassing to allow your pet on someone's property where he is not wanted! You probably already have the routine well practiced of scooping your pet's poop when he defecates, but when your dog urinates on someone's lawn, we recommend treating the area with a product designed to neutralize the harmful effects of the urine on grass, such as Lawn Spot Away.

Another important rule is to be aware that some people are frightened or annoyed by dog barking or excited behavior, and be respectful of the time of day you are taking your dog for his constitutional. Early morning and late night may not be the best times, for example.

Finally, a sturdy, retractable leash is recommended for best control of your pet and flexibility of how far he can meander from you. As a non-dog owner who has actually been attacked by a neighbor's dog who was not on a leash, I can attest to the importance of this final rule.

Our featured pet today is Brandy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier-mix who came to our shelter as a stray. She is a strong-willed lady who would do best in a home without other pets or small children. She needs and owner who is willing to give her the time, energy, and love that she has not had in the past to help her become the best dog she can be. Brandy is a pooch with lots of potential for the right family. Her deep, forest-colored eyes will win you over the first time you meet her. Won't you give Brandy a chance to show you what a great friend she can become?

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