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combination of stress, challenge, excitement, uncertainty and even fun. The road ahead isn't as clear or defined as it was in the past, or at least seemed that way now looking back, but if you intend to remain in the race, you have little choice but to adopt a policy of "Bring It On!"

We'll make mistakes and missteps along the way. One such error occurred last year when we opted to experiment with the physical size of three of our publications, converting them from our standard long tab format to shorter condensed flat tab format. It was an attempt to save both printing and postal costs while improving the design packaging of the information we send you each week. While the compact package has merits, we've come to realize it has not accomplished the intended results and in fact has limited our capability to bring you more news and information at a time when we've vowed to improve both. So in the next few weeks we'll be converting the Burgh, North Countryman and Valley News back to our traditional long tab format.

In making all these tweaks to your community newspaper many of you have from time to time let us know your thoughts about the changes. I would like to encourage you to please continue to give your suggestions and guidance about how we deliver this information and what information we deliver. My only reminder is that while you may not like a feature or article, others may find great value in its availability. Our goal is to make certain everyone finds something of value worth reading in the paper. From time to time we'll get complaints that we have too much sports coverage or they don't see the value in the regional news, but we'll get just as many comments on how others want more sports and suggestions that we quit publishing regional papers and instead produce one large product.

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