DOT: No plans for more Keene P.O. traffic control

•Supervisor Ferebee provided an update on the continuing landslide at Adrian's Acres. The earth is still moving, he said, having slid "maybe another foot" in four days.

One house has been condemned and a second is being moved by professionals. The house movers have slid the structure about 12 feet off its foundation and will eventually move it about 100 yards.

The geologist involved can't say when the movement is going to stop. Charity and Jim Marlatt's property was drilled 84 feet deep, revealing "nothing but clay," Ferebee said. It was his understanding that one could see the wreckage of the landslide from Baxter Mountain.

•Ferebee protested what he characterized as unfair press coverage of the state Comptroller's Office audit of the town's finances. The audit stated that eight of the town's 23 bank accounts were not needed.

"I am not in trouble, as rumors state," he said. "The town is not in trouble."

Councilperson Lawrence Jaques agreed.

"As someone who has worked in accounting a little bit, I can fully understand how this happened," Jaques said. "There was no funny stuff going on."

Ferebee said improper training for him and a switch to a computerized accounting system were responsible for the problems. Councilperson Marcy Neville said she felt "much better" about the new system.

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