Little: Legislation streamlines liquor license renewals

Legislators hope a bill passed this week by the state Senate will streamline the process for renewing liquor licenses in New York.

The legislation, sponsored in the Senate by Betty Little, eliminates a reporting requirement for business owners looking to renew their liquor license.

Restaurants, bars, and other businesses are currently required to notify their local municipality of their intent to renew a license. Little says that process involves significant paperwork and a 30-day waiting period.

Renewal requests are rarely rejected, Little says, meaning the extra reporting requirement is more or less a waste of time and money.

Further, she notes that municipalities end up using their own resources in order to respond to renewal requests. Little says this week's bill creates a savings for local governments as well.

According to Little, the State Liquor Authority has improved "tremendously" under the leadership of its chairman, Dennis Rosen.

"This legislation would help them operate even more efficiently," she said.

"Rather than tracking a 30-day process, they can put resources into other areas where oversight is needed," Little added.

Jonathan Bing is sponsoring the legislation in the Assembly.

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