Social Security, Medicare under assault

Other steps we can take to reduce Medicare costs are cracking down on costly hospital readmissions, overbilling by providers, and standing up to the drug companies, who are costing Medicare billions of dollars in high priced drugs and by preventing less costly generic drugs from coming to market.

And, let's be clear: Social Security did not cause our nation's budget problem, and Social Security should not be weakened to fix it. There is no immediate crisis. Social Security can pay 100 percent of benefits for the next 25 years. And with modest, gradual, changes, Social Security can stay strong for decades after that. In fact, the only "crisis" on the horizon is what Congress may do to Medicare and Social Security benefits right now as they attempt to reach a deal to pay the nation's debts.

AARP's members have worked their entire lives to earn their Medicare and Social Security benefits. That's why we're going to keep fighting to stop Congress from making a deal to pay the nation's bills that includes harmful cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

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