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Professor W.H.S. Hanks, 80, one of the oldest teachers of Warren County schools, a former resident of Stony Creek, Thurman and Warrensburgh, in that order, died June 5, 1911 in Corinth. He taught 56 terms of school in this county. He was a veteran of the Civil War.

Man buys new Buick

W.P. Harris of Lake George has bought a brand new four-passenger Buick automobile.

(Note: The love of my life, outside of Warrensburgh history, has always been turn-of-the-century automobiles. It was my good fortune to marry an automobile dealer who had that same passion and sold many of them over the 47 years while in business.)

A four-passenger 1911 McLaughlin-Buick touring car with a bonnet on the back end to put up when it rained was a young boy's dream and a horse's nightmare. It had 18 to 22 horse power and held 10.5 gallons of Imperial gasoline. There were two speeds forward and one in reverse. The price was $1,275 which included an oil tail lamp, oil side lamps and gas head lamps. A cheaper model, without all the extras, sold for $1,135. It was a working man's automobile.

Around the same time, the Honorable Lewis W. Emerson of Warrensburgh purchased a new 1911, seven passenger, 50 horsepower Welch-Betroit automobile, a "machine" befitting a wealthy banker.

News roundabout

At noon June 7, 1911, the long-hoped-for and much-needed rain was pouring from the clouds and feeding the thirsty earth.

The new automobile stage is expected to arrive in Newcomb this month with George Shaw as chauffeur.

Herbert Morehouse of Warrensburgh has a good Ford runabout in good repair which he will sell cheap for cash. The Starbuck brothers have two fresh cows, six and eight years old, in good condition for sale in Chestertown. Dr. Lee Somerville of North Creek has 500 bushels of buck wheat seed for sale for 75 cents a bushel.

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