The irises are blooming

What a wonderful growing season. If you are not underwater, your gardens are probably looking better than ever. All plants are happy with a drink every day.

The irises are blooming at the Ski Bowl garden and in the boxes in North River. I love the bearded iris but the Siberian irises are a little behind them, and they are awesome too. This is the time of year for the wild lady slippers and jack-in-the-pulpits. Joe was cutting wood yesterday and found a patch of yellow lady slippers, there were about five or six flowers. When you find them in the wild, it is like finding a treasure. I love all flowers, but the lady slipper is truly the most outstanding in my book.

We have raised money to cover the cost of the manure and mulch that we need to purchase this year, but we have a wish list of things that could be donated. We could use:

•Two garden rakes

•Two pointed shovels

•Hand tools

•Garden gloves

•Lawn mower

•Two sprinkler heads

If you have any of these things that you would like to donate please call Judy Brown at 251-3368. Youth Works is here again this summer and will be helping in the garden, so it would be nice to have some extra tools. Thanks.

I would also like to find someone that would be willing to take charge of the flag in the garden. Bob Nessle and Lee Keeler were very helpful in getting the flag installed and lit, but we need someone to look after it. I noticed it is getting very tattered and needs replacement.

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