Supers bash dot for lack of repairs

ELIZABETHTOWN- They are not getting any better.

Following the recent push by lawmakers in the town of Willsboro to have work done on the section of road over Willsboro Mountain, Essex County ways and means committee chairman Roby Politi of North Elba did not mix any words as he talked about road conditions at the May 31 meeting.

"I would like Essex County via resolution to put the State of New York on notice that the road conditions here in this region are so bad, as documented by the State Police and local DOT representatives, that something needs to be done before someone is killed," Politi said, singling out roads in his jurisdiction.

"I am particularly concerned about the road between Wilmington and Lake Placid, Jay and Lake Placid, and Lake Placid to Saranac Lake," Politi said. "I don't know if any of you have had the opportunity to drive on those roads, and I am sure you all have roads in your particular area that are bad, but it is terrible. They know it, they just are not doing anything about it."

"I think it is very important that we keep putting them on notice," Jay supervisor and county chairman Randy Douglas said. "They need to pay particular attention because a dangerous situation is going to get worse if they don't spend some of the funds to repair them."

Politi said that he was frustrated with the answers that he had received from several agencies.

"I have spoken with DOT," Politi said. "I have spoken with our local DOT representatives and State DOT representatives. I have corresponded with Senator Little. I have spoken to the State Police. Everyone has the same response - they agree that the roads are in atrocious condition, that someone is going to get hurt or there is going to be a bad accident but no one is pushing them to get the work done."

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